Training: Coaching, Mentoring & Workshops

It might be time for an organizational “tune up”!

Many nonprofits relegate training to the “luxury” category and include little or no financial resources for it in the organization’s budget. But times are changing. The nonprofit and fundraising environments morph quickly, whether for good or ill. Methodologies and strategies are in some ways the same as they were 20 years ago and in some ways very different.

Whether training is one-on-one as in mentoring or coaching, an interactive session with the board, or a planning retreat with your development staff or volunteers, we can help you identify the challenges and opportunities in your fundraising program. Among the issues in which we specialize:

  • Fundraising Basics: Starting and growing your fundraising program
  • Fundraising Basics: The values, attitudes and practices that can ensure fundraising success
  • Major gifts
  • Planned giving
  • Volunteer training and supervision
  • Fundraising strategic planning
  • Getting your board on board for fundraising
  • Relationship building with donors, volunteers and other stakeholders

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