Interim Staffing

We know what it takes.

Whether hiring your first, or replacing incumbent development staff, it can be difficult finding the right person.

In addition to considering skill set and experience, a development professional must be dedicated to your cause and be able to work with your Executive Director/CEO, board members, other staff and volunteers. Depending on your location and the number of development professionals in your community, your search may take a short three months, 18 months, or more.

We can help you determine your professional needs, develop a job description, advise on salary, help with marketing the position, and assist in candidate screening.

In the event that you need interim staffing before the hiring process is complete, we can step in and keep fundraising activities moving until your new staff is in place. Because we have worked “in the trenches,” we know what it takes to maintain an annual campaign, put on a fundraising event, or even manage a capital campaign.

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