Changing Lives, Saving Lives

Money makes it possible to change and save lives. I hope you know, too, that outside of service delivery, fundraising is the most important thing your organization can do — to educate the community about your cause, to help the organization do its work, and to change and improve your community. It’s vital and sacred work.

That is not to say that fundraising is easy! Even in strong economic times it takes hard work, a lot of planning, a great deal of tenacity and optimism, and many hands. In times such as these, it takes even more of all of those things to be successful.

Ultimately, fundraising makes good work possible. When you ask for a gift, you’re asking your donor to invest in the way your organization can make the world a better place.

Cassandra Ramos

Senior Consultant at Wind and Water Consulting
Cassandra George Ramos’ experience extends through three Planned Parenthood affiliates, campaign consulting with Andrea Kihlstedt, leadership in several community-based nonprofits, and eight years in higher education including work as a major gifts officer at Cornell University, LeMoyne College, and the Rochester Institute of Technology. Read more about Cassandra here.

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