Ensuring the future of your cause

Changing the world takes more than passion. It takes resources–human, financial and sometimes political. Organizing resources is usually the responsibility of fund raisers, whether paid or volunteer. And the challenges are many:

  • Old “tried and true” fund raising methods — events, golf tournaments, sales and auctions, galas, direct mail — aren’t as effective as in times past.
  • Donors of all kinds – individuals, foundations and corporations – receive more requests than they can possibly respond to, let alone support them.
  • Volunteers are in short supply as the most promising ones are absorbed by challenging careers, family responsibilities and social commitments. Consequently, boards of directors are often unprepared and unskilled in governance and fund raising.
  • Professional fund raisers are in great demand and are often snatched up by national organizations and universities where salaries are higher and professional advancement is more likely. Smaller organizations may be forced to hire staff with less training and experience.
  • CEOs and Executive Directors are expected to be strong fund raisers as well as good managers.

The good news is that fund raising isn’t brain surgery! But now, more than ever, organizations need information and expertise to plan and implement strategies for a successful fund raising program.

How Can I Help Your Organization?

I’d like to hear from you about the challenges you are currently facing and how I can be of help. I invite you to send me a message so we can begin to talk about implementing the right strategies for your organization.

Cassandra Ramos

Senior Consultant at Wind and Water Consulting
Cassandra George Ramos’ experience extends through three Planned Parenthood affiliates, campaign consulting with Andrea Kihlstedt, leadership in several community-based nonprofits, and eight years in higher education including work as a major gifts officer at Cornell University, LeMoyne College, and the Rochester Institute of Technology. Read more about Cassandra here.

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