No Money, No Mission!

Fundraising is vital for an organization to be able to deliver on its mission.

Money makes it possible to change and save lives. Outside of service delivery, fundraising is the most important thing your non-profit can do — to educate the community about your cause, to help the organization do its work, and to change and improve your community. It’s vital and sacred work.

Fundraising is not for the faint of heart. It requires creativity, compassion, optimism, tenacity, intelligence, both technical and emotional, and many hands. Fundraising doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Indeed, it is the expression of the organization’s values and its ability to change and learn.

Ultimately, fundraising makes good work possible. When you ask for a gift, you’re asking your donor to invest in the way your organization can make the world a better place. Giving is something that people really want to do — we just make it easier.

Cassandra Ramos is available for speaking on issues facing non-profits

Cassandra presenting “Fundraising is a Team Sport” for the AFP Genesee Valley Chapter, March 2014

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