Donor Stewardship

It is the organization’s job to sustain that relationship, not the donor’s.

An increasingly important aspect to fund development in general and donor retention in particular is good donor stewardship. This means letting the donor know by both our words and deeds that their gift is important to us and that they are a partner in our work. It is one very important way to build a relationship and cultivate ongoing generosity.

We can help you build a stronger donor stewardship program through some simple practices:

  • Stewardship begins with a donor’s first gift. Be sure they receive a special acknowledgement thanking them for including us in their charitable giving. Have a board member call them to thank them and find out why they made their gift. Do they have a personal connection to your organization? Did someone in the community sing your organization’s praises?
  • Likewise, contact a donor when they increase their giving, especially if it crosses the threshold into making what your organization considers a major gift. Welcome them to the “group” or “giving club” that constitutes their new status as a donor. Be sure they get invited to your special major donor activities. In other words, when a donor makes a move to get closer to you, let them know that you notice.

Stewardship is as much a state of mind or a cherished organizational value as it is a series of practices and procedures.

Ultimately, the basis for continued giving is the feeling of connection between the organization and the donor. It is the organization’s job to sustain that relationship, not the donor’s.

How can we help you cultivate relationships with your donors?

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