Board Development

Turn a group of well-meaning, committed individuals into a powerful fundraising team.

The success of any fundraising effort — annual, campaign, major gifts, planned giving — is predicated on an educated and involved board. The work of these volunteers is critical to an organization’s fundraising success.

Just like the offensive line of a football team, they bring specialized experience and expertise to their board service. They promote the organization, its programs and its staff to policy-makers and funders. They “run a play” to connect the organization to someone who can provide funding or some other form of support. They are role models to inspire others to give and to be involved.

Many boards can benefit from some simple fundraising training, especially in regards to their contribution to the organization’s fundraising efforts:

  • Their own personal giving
  • Their role as ambassadors in the community
  • Their responsibility of ensuring financial stability for the organization

A well-trained board is a more effective board.

Our consultants provide interactive presentations and workshops that impart important information and give participants a chance to share and practice new skills. We facilitate half-day and full-day retreats that can go “beyond the basics” to strategic thinking and planning. Our leadership development training helps your board members excel in their roles as organizational leaders.

In short, we can help a group of well-meaning, committed individuals become a powerful fundraising team.

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